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About NursingFacultyJobs.com

NursingFacultyJobs.com was created in 2003 to meet a need that I identified in the advertising marketplace for nursing faculty job candidates.  At the time, there were several websites that served the entire higher education market but there were none that focused solely on nursing faculty jobs. As the first ever website devoted to connecting nursing faculty job seekers with available positions at colleges and universities, NursingFacultyJobs.com has become the leader in reaching candidates for these difficult to fill positions.

In the decade since this site was created, recruiting on the internet has changed dramatically and NursingFacultyJobs.com has adapted.  As an early adopter of search engine optimization, we have top rankings on all major search engines.  We have multiplied the reach of job postings advertised with us by joining the JobTarget network. Our membership gives position announcements exposure on the more than 1,500 niche job boards in the network.  Additionally as the social web has grown in importance, we built a presence on all of the major social sites. All job openings are pushed across dozens of social networks at no extra cost and resulting in even more eyes on each vacancy.

These efforts have paid off. On average, a job announcement advertised on NursingFacultyJobs.com will receive more than twice as many views as on our nearest competitor, HigherEdJobs.com.* More views means a better chance to get the best candidate available, which is why I created NursingFacultyJobs.com in the first place.

If you have comments or suggestions for the site please visit our contact page and get in touch or connect through our social media accounts below. I value your perspective and want to create the most useful experience for you on the site.  Thank you for using NursingFacultyJobs.com.


Shane Turner

owner, NursingFacultyJobs.com

*Based upon a the average number of job views for all expired positions advertised on NursingFacultyJobs.com between 9/10/2013 and 12/9/13 as compared with the number of average position views described on on https://www.higheredjobs.com/employers/default.cfm. –  2,215 job views vs. 1,050+ job views